블랙넛 (Black Nut) - 100 (feat. 천재노창) music

가서 찢어라

Go rip it up

엄마한테 말했지 내가 다시 이 집에 돌아올 땐
I told my mom that when I come back home

버스 한 가득 창녀들을 태운 뒤에 정기가 다 빨린 채
that I'll: be on a bus full of hoes, too tired to have sex,

폐병 환자같은 몰골을 하고선 돈다발과 함께
looking like a lung disease patient, and holding stacks of cash on my hands.

돌아올테니 이사 갈 준비해 놔, 나 금방 갔다올게
So get ready to move to a better place, I'll be back real quick

꺼져 랩퍼들, 나 우리 엄마 빚 갚아야 해 밥그릇들 치워
Fuck off y'all rappers. I need to pay my mom's debt, and there's nothing left for y'all

너희들을 눕히는 건 주사기 든 간호사보다 더 쉬워
Making y'all lay down is easier than a nurse with a syringe

내가 거품이라면 너희 돈은 스푼이지, 빨리들 걷어 내
If I'm like bubbles, then you're money is like spoons, scoop me up

허나 바닥을 치는 실력으로 난 딱지치기처럼 다 뒤집었네
But I'm so low that I hit the ground, and flipped over everything like playing Ddakji

넌 내가 자녹게에서 허우적대던 때부터 날 기억해
You must've known me since the days when I uploaded my songs online

허나 점차 수면 위로 떠올라갔지 moon swings의 뱃살 꽉 쥐고 yeah
but slowly I rised up and revealed myself while holding tightly onto Moon Swings' fat belly

그래 알아 날 띄운 건 내 실력이 아닌 삼행시처럼 그저 운이란 걸
Yeah I know that what made me popular was not my skills, but simply luck, like a poem*

근데 또 없어 지금 나만큼 뚜렷한 작업물 없이 spotlight 받는 놈
But there's nobody like me; I get so much attention even when I don't even have any official releases

난 여성부 장관같은 놈, 이 바닥에 대들-보지
I'm like the Minister of Gender Equality, I'm the pillar of this scene**

목욕탕 때밀이처럼 박수를 쳐 줘 그럼 내가 뒤집을테니
Clap for me and I'll flip it over like a public bathhouse scrubber***

fuck hi-lite, fuck grandline, fuck aomg, fuck illionaire shit

내 포부는 내 팀마저도 낭떠러지로 싹 다 밀어내지
My ambitions pushed even my own team off the cliff

Fuck Shit

내가 최고야 다 엿 처먹어 증명해줄게 허풍 0%
I'm the best, so fuck you all, I'll prove it all, bluffing 0%

니가 걷는 길을 다 가시밭길로 만들게, 마치 럴커처럼
I'll make this road that I'm walking on into a thorny one, like a Lurker

비속어 양해를 구해야 해, 야 개 씨발
I must ask you to excuse my french, ah fuck shit

찬경하지 않는다면 넌 신의 저주를 받게 되
If you do not worship then you will be cursed by God

진짜 갇뎀
God damn

카니예 니 이름 앞에 갇 떼
Get rid of God in front of Kanye's name**

빈말 안해 모두 다 외치거라 그 분의 존함 갓대웅
I ain't buffing, so everybody shout his mighty name, God Daewoong***

갇뎀, 갓대웅 
God damn, God Daewoong 

찬양 경배해
Praise and worship almighty!

닥쳐 내 노래야 씨발 끼지마 꺼져
Shut the fuck up, this is my track so get out and go fuck yourself

"사장님 가라사대" 이런거 하지마 총맞기 싫으면
"My CEO once told me" don't do shit like this, unless you want to be shot****

찬양 경배-
Praise and worship al-

닥쳐 씨발 훅 중독자 새끼야 
Shut the fuck up, you hookmaking addict

훅 하지마
I don't need no hook on my song

꺼져 필요 없어
Fuck off I don't need you

Black Nut
D.O, VJ, San E,
가리온, Sean2slow, P-Type,
Drunken Tiger, T, 리쌍, Dynamic Duo,
TBNY, Jay Park, Epik High,
E-Sens, Jtong, Simon D,
Gray, Crush, Loco, Elo, Zion.T,
Beenzino, Dok2, The Quiett,
Mad C, Soul Dive, Outsider,
배치기, 취랩, MC Sniper,
DOC 물론 제외할게 스트리트 파이터는,
Paloalto, B-Free, Okasian,
화지, 긱스, Crucial Star, Takeone,
Basick, Jay Moon, Innovator,
Kid Ash, Reddy, Huckleberry P,
JJK, Double K, Sool J, Jerry.K,
Rhyme-A-, Minos, Fana Kim,
Dead'P, Addsp2ch, Ignito,
깐모, 한해, Andup, Uglyduck, Zico,
Rimi, Kittib, Jolly V, Tymee,
Kebee, GD, DG, YDG, Illinit, Bizzy,
주석, Skull, Masta Wu, 진돗개,
Qwala, 넉살, New Champ, Young Jay,
Deep, Odee, Wutan, Row Digga,
Sleeq, Don Mills, Qim Isle, Olltii와
Swings, Vasco, C Jamm, Nochang, Giriboy,
그 외의 랩퍼들 다 꺼져 내가 이긴다

이 씨바롬드라
Ey y'all mufuckers

욕해서 미안해
Sorry I swore

근데 이 노래 제목이 왜 100인줄 알어?
Do you know why this song is called 100?

내가 작년에 말했지, Still Not Over에서
Didn't I tell y'all last year, in Still Not Over?

한국 랩퍼 100% 좆까고 집으로 꺼지라고
100% of the Korean rappers can fuck off and run off home

나 그거 거짓말 아닌데?
Man I ain't lyin!

Ya stlll don't get me?

100이라고, 100
I said 100, 100

다 덤벼 이 씹쌔끼들아
Bring it on y'all mufuckers

드루와 드루와
Bring it, Bring it

이 씨발놈들아!!

들어오지마 죄송함미다
Don't bring it. I'm sorry.

농담임미다 죄송함미다
It was just a joke. I apologize.

*punchline using 운, which means luck, but also means 'to provide a starting rhyme for a poem' when it's used with this specific verb, 띄우다 (which by itself means put up or rise)

** punchline using the fact that while 대들보 means pillar, adding ~지 to the end (which means ~is or ~am) and adding a space to in the middle (대들 보지) gives another meaning (an ignorant pussy).
Basically, Black Nut is making fun of the Minister and himself, calling her a pussy. The former of the latter of the two metaphorical subjects is nothing new, as he often calls himself a bitch or a pussy.

***In Korean public bathhouses, especially in the Men's baths, there are men called 때밀이 (ddaemili) who get payed to scrub the customers. The customers lay down on a table, the ddaemili mam scrubs one side (ie the back), claps to let the customer know that the side is done, the customer then flips over, and the ddaemili scurbs that side (ie the front).

****Kanye West is nicknamed God-ye in Korea. Also, Nochang himself is renowned as a big Kanye West fan.

*****Kim Daewoong is Black Nut's real name.

******Nochang's hook making skills were reconfirmed when he featured on Swings - The Wrong Way (feat. Dok2, Genius Nochang). The hook began with "My CEO once told me."

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가사는 유투브 댓글 펌.
돼지새끼 목소리가 탱글하니 좋긴한데 요즘 점점 블랫넛 목소리에 더 끌린다.
블랙넛 정규 빨리 나왔으면 좋겠다.

노래를 듣다보니 악동뮤지션이랑 블랙넛이랑 콜라보하면 졸라 재밌을꺼 같더라.


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